Ajgaivinath Shiva temple

Sultanganj Shravani Mela 2013 : Shravani Mela is the most celebrated 30 day festival in sultanganj (Bihar) to Deoghar Badiyanath temples of Jharkhand. In 2013, Shravani Mela begins on July 23 and ends on August 20.

Current Event :
Mahashiv Ratri - 10 Mar 2013
Ram Navmi - 20 Apr 2013
Guru Purnima - 22 July 2013

The Royal University of Vikramsila

"Vikramshila was a University as ancient as Nalanda and Takshila Universities.Takshila has now gone to Pakistan. Buddhisht literature was taught in this University.This place is now under Bhagalpur District of Bihar."

Royal University of Vikramsila, 38 km from Bhagalpur and Nalanda next to owe their origin to Dharmapala paragraph 770-810 AD), dedicated to the Pala king, who liked to call himself Paramasaugata (worshiper of Buddha's head) and was a great patron of Mahayana Buddhism.

Dharmapala was impressed by two things that have been set Vikramsila university. First, the rocky hill anchored near the confluence of rivers Ganga and Kosi in Vateshwarasthan is not only a tourist attraction, but a popular tantric site as evident from the presence of the temple of Kali (Parvati place) before the Shiva temple, in addition to several other caves and rock engravings from the period AD 6 \ 7 in the second century, the place associated with Uttarbahini pilgrimage, which attracted large crowds during Varsavardhana.

Unlike Nalanda, sources of information on Vikramsila is confined to Tibetan texts and they make us believe that Dharmapala in his earlier birth was an accomplished acharya, Kampilya, who had attained siddhi or perfection in Mahayana mudra mysticism here and was determined to build a monastery one day.

Manjusha Art Excavations at this site were made in the years 1960-1961, and issued various periods of the room. Natural structures subjected to repeated anfiquites and found that the site was probably a relic of the Buddha Monestery.Pocet large stone and terracotta were discovered. Some seals with inscriptions and stupas were also found.

Dharampala King, who founded the university gave generous gifts to the University minificent.Budova made ‚Äč‚Äčarrangements for the maintenance of residential and 108 non-residential teachers for many teachers, and other pilgrims and other members of the staff. A big Vihara (monastery) was built in the university district and well profected strong. In the middle was a large Buddhist temple, surrounded by 108 smaller temples

The affairs of the University was commissioned by King Dharampala significant scholar and scientist who was also very religious. The supervisory authority to manage the affairs of the University Vikramshila also addressed at the University of Nalanda.